ILL/ILU Committee

History of the ILL/ILU Committee

The earliest known standardized instructions for the handling of ARCHE ILL material can be found in University Center in Georgia Truck Delivery of Interlibrary Loans and Photocopies. 1 This document was compiled in anticipation of the van delivery system, which began running between Athens and Atlanta in October 1970.

1 Approved by the University Center Library Advisory Committee, August 4, 1970.

2 Interlibrary Loan Annual Report, University of Georgia, 1970-1971.

Committee Structure

The Interlibrary Use Committee is a standing committee with full rights of such status.

The Interlibrary Use Committee is composed of one or more representatives from each institution. These representatives will reflect the needs of the various departments involved with issuing cards and administering the ILU procedures and policies.

A chair-elect is elected from the committee membership. The responsibility of the chair-elect is to serve in the absence of the chair and plan at least one formal program per year, which may be held in conjunction with a regularly scheduled meeting. The chair-elect will be elected at the Spring meeting.

The chair and chair-elect serve for one year, from fall through summer. The new chair and chair-elect’s appointments begin in the fall.

The Interlibrary Use Committee shall meet as often as needed, but preferably twice during the academic year.


The Interlibrary Use Committee chair will submit minutes of all meetings to the ARCHE office.