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Phase One - Gradualism and Negotiation - 1942

As African Americans fight abroad in World War II, the Black Press launches the Double-V Campaign calling for victory over the axis power in World War II and the defeat of racial prejudice in the United States. The Atlanta Daily World is a vigorous participant in the campaign.

The Atlanta Citizens Committee for the Equalization of Teacher Pay, the Atlanta branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), and Atlanta Life Insurance Company, an Auburn Avenue business, support the fight for equal pay for black and white teachers. When William Reeves, a junior high school teacher, files a lawsuit to demand equal pay, Atlanta Life offers to pay the salary of any teacher who loses a job because of protest. Norris Herndon, the head of the company, will continue to provide funds for civil rights activities in Atlanta.

Mayor William Hartsfield works to annex the predominantly white Buckhead community to Atlanta, warning that unless the city’s boundaries are expanded, the city could eventually be controlled by African Americans.