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These books and other materials are generally available in academic and public libraries.

Books, Reports and Pamphlets about Atlanta
Abernathy, Ralph D.And the Walls Came Tumbling Down: An Autobiography
New York: Harper & Row, 1989
Alexander, T.M., Sr.Beyond the Timberline: The Trials and Triumphs of a Black Entrepreneur
Edgewood, Maryland: E.E. Duncan and Company, 1992
Allen, FrederickAtlanta Rising
Atlanta: Longstreet Press, Inc., 1996
Allen, Ivan, Jr. with Paul HemphillMayor: Notes on the Sixties
New York: Simon and Schuster, 1971
Amborse, Andy“Redrawing the Color Line: The History and Patterns of Black Housing in Atlanta, 1940-1973”
Ph.D. diss. Emory University, 1992
Ambrose, AndyAtlanta: An Illustrated History
Athens: Hill Street Press, 2003
APEX MuseumSweet Auburn: Street of Pride, A Pictorial History
Atlanta: African American Panoramic Experience, 1988
Atlanta Committee for Cooperative ActionA Second Look: The Negro Citizen in Atlanta
Atlanta: The Atlanta Committee for Cooperative Action, 1960
Atlanta Council on Human RelationsAtlanta: Protests and Progress, A Special Report
Atlanta: Atlanta Council on Human Relations, April 1964
Bacote, ClarenceThe Story of Atlanta University: A Century of Service 1865-1965
Atlanta: Atlanta University, 1969
Bayor, Ronald H.Race and the Shaping of Twentieth-Century Atlanta
University of North Carolina Press
Beardslee, William R.The Way Out Must Lead In: Life Histories in the
Atlanta: Center for Research in Social Change,
Blumberg, Janice RothschildOne Voice: Rabbi Jacob Rothschild and the Troubled South
Macon: Mercer University Press, 1985
Bond, JulianTime to Speak, a Time to Act: The Movement in Politics
New York: Harper and Row, 1972
Branch, TaylorPillar of Fire: America in the King Years, 1963-65
New York: Simon and Schuster, 1981
Button, JamesBlacks and Social Change: Impact of the Civil Rights Movement in Southern Communities
Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1989
Calloway, W.L.The 'Sweet Auburn Avenue' Business History 1908-1988
Atlanta: Central Atlanta Progress, 1988
Clayton, Xemona with Hal GulliverI've Been Marching All the Time
Atlanta: Longstreet Press, 1991
Crawford, Fred, Harvey Gates and James Conyers“Civil Aggression and Urban Disorders: Atlanta, Georgia, 1967"
21 November 1967. Prepared for the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders
Crawford, Fred, Norman R. Crawford, and Leah DabbsA Report of Certain Reactions by the Atlanta Public to the Death of Martin Luther King, Jr.
Atlanta: Center for Research in Social Change, Emory University, 1969
Daniels, MauriceHorace T. Ward: Desegregation of the University of Georgia, Civil Rights Advocacy & Jurisprudence
Atlanta: Atlanta University Press, 2002
Dickerson, DennisMilitant Mediator: Whitney M. Young, Jr.
University Press of Kentucky, 1998
Dyson, Michael EricI May Not Get There With You: The True Martin Luther King, Jr.
New York: Free Press, 2001
English, James W.The Prophet of Wheat Street: The Story of William Holmes
Elgin, Illinois: David C. Cooke Publishing, 1973
Fairclough, AdamTo Redeem the Soul of America: The Southern Christian Leadership Conference and Martin Luther King Jr.
Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1987
Galphin, BruceThe Riddle of Lester Maddox
Atlanta: Camelot Publishing Company, 1968
Garrett, Franklin M.Atlanta and Environs: A Chronicle of Its People and Events (3 VoIs)
New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, Inc.,1954
Garrow, DavidBearing the Cross: Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference
New York: William Morrow and Company, 1986
Garrow, David, edAtlanta, Georgia 1960-1961: Sit-ins and Student Activism
New York: Carlson Publishing Company, 1989
Gates, StephenLet the Trumpet Sound: The Life and Times of Martin Luther King Jr.
New York: Harper and Row, 1972
Grant, Donald L.The Way it Was in the South: The Black Experience in Georgia
ed. Jonathan Grant. New Jersey: A Birch Lane Press Book,
Hamer, Andrew Marshall, edUrban Atlanta: Redefining the Role of the City
Atlanta: Georgia State University Press, 1980
Harmon, David AndrewBeneath the Image of the Civil Rights Movement and Race Relations: Atlanta, Georgia, 1946-1981
New York: Garland, 1996
Henderson, Alexa BensonAtlanta Life Insurance Company: Guardian of Black Economic Dignity
Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press, 1990
Henderson, Harold P. and Gary L. Roberts, edsGeorgia Governors in an Age of Change: From Ellis Arnall to George Bushee
Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1988
Hollowell, Louise and Martin C. LehfeldtThe Sacred Call: A Tribute to Donald L. Hollowell – Civil Rights Champion
Atlanta: Four-G Publishers, Inc., 1997
Hunter, FloydCommunity Power Succession: Atlanta Policy Makers Revisited
Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1980
Hunter-Gault, CharlayneIn My Place
New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1992
Hutcheson, John D.Racial Attitudes in Atlanta
Atlanta: Center for Research in Social Change, Emory University, 1973
Jenkins, HerbertForty Years on the Force: 1932-1972
Atlanta: Center for Research in Social Change, Emory University, 1973
Jenkins, HerbertKeeping the Peace: A Police Chief Looks at His Job
New York: Harper and Row, 1970
Jennings, M.K.Community Influentials: The Elites of Atlanta
Atlanta: Glencove Free Press, 1964
Jordan, Vernon with Annette Gordon-ReedVernon Can Read! A Memoir
New York: Public Affairs, 2001
King, Martin Luther, Sr. with Clayton RileyDaddy King: An Autobiography
New York: William Morrow and Company, 1980
Kruse, Kevin M.White Flight: Atlanta and the Making of Modern Conservatism
Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2005
Kuhn, Clifford M, Harlon E. Joye and E. Bernard WestLiving Atlanta: An Oral History of the City, 1914-1948.
Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1990
Lefever, Harry G.Undaunted by the Fight: Spelman College and the Civil Rights Movement, 1957-1967
Macon: Mercer University Press, 2005
Lewis, David L.King: A Critical Biography
New York: Praeger, 1970
Lewis, JohnWalking With the Wind: A Memoir of the Movement
New York: Simon and Schuster, c. 1998
Maddox, LesterSpeaking Out: The Autobiography of Lester Maddox
New York: Doubleday, 1975
Martin, HaroldWilliam Berry Hartsfield: Mayor of Atlanta
Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1978
Mason, Herman S.Politics, Civil Rights and Law in Black Atlanta, 1870-1970
Dover, NH: Arcadia Publishing, 2001
Mays, Benjamin E.Born to Rebel: An Autobiography
New YorkScribner, 1971; reprint ed., Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1981
McGill, RalphThe South and the Southerner
Boston: Little Brown and Company, 1963
McPheeters, Annie L.Negro Progress in Atlanta, Georgia, 1950-1960: A Selective Bibliography on Human Relations from Four Atlanta Newspapers
Atlanta: West Hunter Street Branch Atlanta Public Library, 1964
Morris, AldonThe Origins of the Civil Rights Movement: Black Communities Organizing for Change
New York: Free Press, 1984
Nasstrom, KathrynEverybody's Grandmother & Nobody's Fool: Frances Freeborn Pauley and the Struggle for Social Justice
Ithaca, N.Y.: Cornell University Press, 2000
Neary, JohnJulian Bond: Black Rebel
New York: William Morrow and Company, 1971
Parsons, Sara MitchellFrom Southern Wrongs to Civil Rights: The Memoir of a White Civil Rights Activist
Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press, 2000
Paschall Elizalt Must Have Rained
Atlanta: Center for Research in Social Change, Emory University, 1975
Pomerantz, GaryWhere Peachtree Meets Sweet Auburn: The Saga of Two Families and the Making of Atlanta
New York: Scriber, 1996
Research AtlantaSchool Desegregation in Atlanta 1954-1973
Atlanta: Research Atlanta, 1973
Roche, JeffThe Sibley Commission and the Politics of Desegregation in Georgia
Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1998
Roth, Darlene and Andy AmbroseMetropolitan Frontiers: A Short History of Atlanta
Atlanta: Atlanta History Center, 1996
Shavin, Norman and Bruce GalphinAtlanta: Triumph of a People
Atlanta: Capricorn, Inc., 1985
Sikes, Janice WhiteProtest and Place: The Southern Civil Rights Movement, An Annotated Bibliography
Atlanta: Auburn Avenue Research Library, 1997
Silver, Christopher and John V. MoeserThe Separate City: Black Communities in the Urban South, 1940-1968
Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, 1995
Smith, DavidInequality in an American City: Atlanta, Georgia 1960-1970
London: Department of Geography, Queen Mary College, University of London, 1981
Spritzer, LorraineThe Belle of Ashby Street: Helen Douglas Mankin and Georgia Politics
Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1982
Spritzer, LorraineGrace Towns Hamilton and the Politics of Social Change
Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1997
Stone, Clarence N.Economic Growth and Neighborhood Discontent: System Bias in the Urban Renewal Program of Atlanta
Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1976
Stone, Clarence N.Regime Politics: Governing Atlanta 1946-1988
Lawrence: University of Kansas Press, 1989
Teel, Leonard RayRalph Emerson McGill: Voice of the Southern Conscience
Knoxville: The University of Tennessee Press, 2001
Trillin, CalvinAn Education in Georgia: Charlayne Hunter, Hamilton Holmes, and the Integration of the University of Georgia
New York: Viking Press, 1964
Tuck, Stephen G.N.Beyond Atlanta: The Struggle For Racial Equality in Georgia, 1940-1980
Athens: University of Georgia Press, 2001
Walker, JackSit-ins in Atlanta
New York: McGraw Hill, 1964
Weiss, NancyWhitney Young, Jr. and the Struggle for Civil Rights
Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1989
Weltner, CharlesSoutherner
Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott, 1966
Wilkins, Roy with Tom MatthewsStanding Fast: The Autobiography of Roy Wilkins
New York: Viking Press, 1992
Williams, RogerThe Bonds: An American Family
New York: Athenaeum, 1971

Related Books
Bartley, NumanFrom Thurmond to Wallace: Political Tendencies in Georgia 1946-1969
Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press, 1970
Bartley, NumanThe Rise of Massive Resistance: Race and Politics in the South During the 1950s
Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press,1969
Bartley, Numan V. and Hugh D. GrahamSouthern Politics and the Second Reconstruction
Baltimore: John Hopkins Press, 1975
Black, Earle and Merle BlackPolitics and Society in the South
Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1987
Bloom, JackRace, Class, and the Civil Rights Movement
Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1987
Branch, TaylorParting the Waters: America in the King Years, 1954-1963
New York: Simon and Schuster, 1988
Branch, TaylorPillar of Fire: America in the King Years, 1963-1965
New York: Simon and Schuster, 1981
Brisbane, Robert H.Black Activism: Racial Revolution in the United States1954-1970
Valley Forge: Judson Press, 1974
Carson, ClayborneIn Struggle: SNCC and the Black Awakening in America
Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1981
Carson, Clayborne, David Garrow, Bill Kovach, Carol PolsgroveReporting Civil Rights: American Journalism 1941-1963
Library of America, 2003
Chafe, WilliamCivilities and Civil Rights: Greensboro, North Carolina and the Black Struggle for Freedom
New York: Oxford University Press, 1985
Coleman, Kenneth, edA History of Georgia
Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1977
Conyers, JamesBlack Youth in a Southern City
Atlanta: Southern Regional Council, 1968
Crain, RobertThe Politics of School Desegregation: Comparative Case Studies of Community Structure and Policy Making
Chicago: Aldine Press, 1968
Crawford, FredCivil Aggression and Urban Disorders
Atlanta: Center for Research in Social Change, Emory University, 1967
Crawford, Vicki, Jacqueline Rouse, and Barbara Woods, edsWomen in the Civil Rights Movement Trailblazers and Torchbearers, 1941-1965
Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1993
Dray, PhilipAt The Hands of Persons Unknown: The Lynching of Black America
New York: Random House, 2002
Egerton, JohnSpeak Now Against the Day: The Generation Before the Civil Rights Movement in the South
Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 1994
Eisinger, Peter K.The Politics of Displacement: Racial and Ethnic Transition in Three American Cities
New York: Academic Press, 1980
Goldfield, DavidBlack, White, and Southern: Race Relations and Southern Culture, 1940 to the Present
Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 1990
Grantham, DeweyThe South in Modern America: A Region at Odds
New York: Harper Collins, 1994
Hampton, Henry and Stephen Payer, edsVoices of Freedom: An Oral History of the Civil Rights Movement from the 1950s Through the 1980s
New York: Bantam Books, 1990
Hansen, DrewThe Dream: Martin Luther King Jr. and the Speech that Inspired a Nation
New York: Ecco, 2003
Harris, NormanThe Sixties: A Black Chronology
Atlanta: Black Resource Center, 1990
Harris, NormanAfrican American Social Change: A Philosophical Approach, CD-ROM
Atlanta: Black Resource Center, 2003
Kasher, StevenThe Civil Rights Movement: A Photographic History, 1954-68
New York: Abbeville Press, 1996
King, MaryFreedom Song: A Personal Story of the 1960s Civil Rights Movement
New York: William Morrow and Company, 1987
Kluger, RichardSimple Justice: The History of Brown v. Board of Education and Black America's Struggle for Equality
New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1976; reprint ed. New York: Random House, 1977
Kousser, I. MorganThe Shaping of Southern Politics: Suffrage Restriction and the Establishment of the One-Party South, 1880-1910
New Haven: Yale University Press, 1974
Lawson, Stephen F.Black Ballots: Voting Rights in the South 1944-1969
New York: Columbia University Press, 1976
Lawson, Stephen F.In Pursuit of Power: Southern Black and Electoral Politics 1965-1982
New York: Columbia University Press, 1985
Matthews, Donald R. and James W. ProtbroNegroes and the New Southern Politics
New York: Harcourt, Brace, and World, 1966
Morris, AldonThe Origins of the Civil Rights Movement: Black Communities Organizing for Change
New York: The Free Press, 1984
Raines, HowellMy Soul is Rested: Movement Days in the Deep South Remembered
New York: G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1977
Rouse, JacquelineLugenia Burns Hope: Black Southern Reformer
Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1989
Suggs, Henry, edThe Black Press in the South 1865-1979
Westport: Greenwood Press, 1983
Tindall, George BrownThe Emergence of the New South 1913-1945
Baton Rouge: Louisiana State Press, 1964
Tindall, George BrownThe Disruption of the Solid South
New York: W.W. Norton Company, 1972
Williamson, JoelThe Crucible of Race: Black/White Relations in the American South Since Emancipation
New York: Oxford University Press, 1984
Woodward, C. VannThe Origins of the New South, 1877-1913
Baton Rouge: Louisiana State Press, 1951
Woodward, C. VannThe Strange Career of Jim Crow
New York: Oxford University Press, 1965
Zinn, HowardThe Southern Mystique
New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1964

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Maurice Daniels, Executive ProducerFoot Soldier for Equal Justice: Horace T. Ward and the Desegregation of the University of Georgia
UGA: Georgia Center for Continuing Education, 2000

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