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Foundations for the Future

Georgia Institute of Technology

Provides resources, technical assistance, and professional development opportunities to Georgia K-12 educators to help incorporate technology into the classroom.

Claudia Huff

Four-Counties Collaboration

Georgia Institute of Technology

CEISMC assisted schools in Stewart, Clay, Quitman, and Randolph counties to gain Internet access by convening individuals and organizations.

CEISMC has an ongoing collaboration with this four-county area to develop additional school reform programs and to generate funds in support of such programs.

Donna Whiting

Rockdale County Technology Magnet

Georgia Institute of Technology

CEISMC is collaborating with the College of Engineering and the Rockdale County School System to develop a curriculum for the Technology Magnet High School in telecommunications and information technology.

Marion Usselman

Mary Hallisey Hunt

Ubiquitous Learning Technology Initiative (ULTI)

Georgia State University

Partnering with Vanderlyn Elementary School (DeKalb County) and the PT3 grant, ULTI explores the potential for learning with abundant technology.

ULTI’s first project involved Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), which were distributed to 17 4th-graders and their teachers and used in an advanced reading program. Initial findings show that PDA technology can be a strong component of classroom instruction, particularly in the area of information organization, as well as being an important resource for teacher classroom management and lesson planning.

Dr. Stephen Harmon 404-651-2349

World Media Forums

Georgia State University

Brings journalists from around the world into high school classrooms using distance learning technology.

Leonard Teel

Georgia’s Man on the Moon Initiative

University of Georgia

School-based educational reform effort designed to develop, test, and validate a model for using technology to promote dramatic improvements in student learning and performance in a variety of school subjects.

Michael Hannafin

Impact of Portable Technologies on Teaching and Learning: An Evaluation Proposal

University of Georgia

Documents the impact of portable technologies on teaching, learning, and other aspects of life within the Athens Academy private school community.

Project team will be developing an extensive Web site as a resource for others implementing laptop programs in their schools.

Janette Hill

Thomas Reeves

Project KID DESIGNER: Children as Designers of Educational Computer Games

University of Georgia

Enhances the tendency of children to explore their environment through play by allowing them to design their own educational computer games that embed content from subjects they are studying at school.

Schools involved: Oglethorpe County Middle School, Benton Elementary School (Jackson County), County Line Elementary School (Barrow County).

Lloyd Rieber 706-542-3986


University of Georgia

Project-Based Learning Approach—the next step after InTech or WebTech.


A national and international contest for students to submit their educational Web pages and be judged. Open to groups from the 3rd, 5th, 6th to 8th, and 9th to 12th grades. ThinkQuest has a national recognition for winners in each category and Georgia recognizes those that have completed an entry at the Georgia Educational Technology Conference.

Christa Harrelson

World Wide Interactive Learning Design Team

University of Georgia

Establishing a database of Web-based interactive learning modules that can be used and shared at no cost to all non-profit schools, parents, and students.

Web site provides a way for teachers, parents, and students to submit their own reviews of modules and to promote a community of people interested in improving the use of the Internet for learning.

Lloyd Rieber 706-542-3986

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