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Bureau for Students with Multiple and Severe Disabilities

Georgia State University

Focuses on the needs of students with moderate to severe disabilities.

Provides continuing education programs and in-class consulting services to classroom teachers.

Dr. Paul Alberto

Center for Collaborative Education

Georgia State University

Focuses on inclusion of students with disabilities into general education programs.

Sets up model programs for inclusion in K-12 schools. Conducts training statewide for system level administrators to help them develop policies and procedures to facilitate inclusion.

Dr. Paul Alberto

Center for Research on Atypical Development and Learning

Georgia State University

Works to improve the communication skills of children who suffer from cerebral palsy, mental retardation, autism, brain injuries, attention deficit disorders, and other serious conditions.

MaryAnn Romski

Georgia Deafblind Project

Georgia State University

Promotes system change, increases local capacity to serve students with deafblindness, and provides statewide technical assistance to children with deafblindness from birth to age 21 and to their families and service providers.

Dr. Kathy Heller

Project Wins

Kennesaw State University

Collaboration with the Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities and a network of Georgia schools and agencies.

Focuses on building the capacity of schools and agencies to provide educational services to students with a full range of disabilities in general education classrooms and strengthening the capacity of schools to effectively educate all students.

Susan Brown

Educational Leadership Institute

University of Georgia

Focuses on implementing the A-Plus Education Reform Act for students with disabilities through presentations by state and local educational leaders in Georgia and Texas.

Issues such as accountability procedures, curriculum, and behavior management are addressed.

William Swan

Reading and Auditory Processing (RAP) Collaborative Project

University of West Georgia

The purpose of the project is to develop a collaborative, university/school program to assist the general education teacher, the speech-language pathologist, and the special education teacher in instructing and helping students with reading and central auditory processing disorders.

A university collaborative team consisting of two faculty members from the Department of Special Education and Speech-Language Pathology and two faculty members from the Department of Curriculum and Instruction (University Collaborative Team) is conducting the project. A school partnership with Haralson County Schools has been developed that includes central office administrators, general education teachers, special education teachers, and speech language pathologists (Haralson School Team). All educators working in the program are certified, employed by Haralson County, and are enrolled in graduate studies at the university. The Haralson School Team will perform new collaborative skills in the field-based practicum setting following an inclusion classroom model. The general educator, the special educator, and the speech-language pathologist will teach in the same classroom serving both general and special education students together.

Dr. Martha Larkin

Dr. Daniel Sisterhen

Dr. Cathleen Doheny

State University of West Georgia Speech and Hearing Clinic

University of West Georgia

The State University of West Georgia Speech and Hearing Clinic is operated by the Department of Special Education and Speech-Language Pathology.

The clinic provides speech, language, and hearing test services to a wide variety of clients ranging from infants to adults. The clinic boasts the newest, state-of-the-art testing equipment available including sound-treated examination booth, clinical audiometer immittance meter, and OAE/ABR screening equipment.

Geraldine Boddie

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