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Advanced Search Tips
You may limit or target your search with this advanced search syntax:

Exact phrase: Use quotation marks before and after the exact phrase. Example: “MSA report”

Both words:Use AND (in capital letters) between words. Example: MSA AND report

Either word: Use OR (in capital letters) between words. Example: MSA OR metro area

Group terms: Use parentheses to group terms. Example: (MSA OR metro area) AND report

Wildcard search: Use an asterisk * or question mark ? to match multiple spellings or forms of a word. Multi-character: document* will match “document” and also terms such as “documents” or “documentation” Single-character: gr?y will match both “gray” and “grey” Wildcards will not work at the beginning of a term. Example: ?ffect.

Fuzzy search: Use a tilde ~ at the end of a word to find similar spellings. Example: ARCHE~ will search based on similar spellings.

Increase relevance: Use ^ and a number to boost the relevance of a word by a factor of that number. Example: Important^4 reports from ARCHE. Boosts relevance of the word “important” by a factor of 4. May also be applied to phrases: “important report”^2 from ARCHE

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